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Hey, there! My name is Logan Garcia. I lived in Los Angeles for 18 years of my life but now live in Turlock, California. I'm attending college here at California State University, Stanislaus in hopes of gaining my Bachelor's of Science degree in International Business by May 2024. I love it here! It's so great to meet such a diverse set of people. As someone who isn't shy to introduce myself, I've had many ventures that have improved my quality life and skill sets in business, marketing, and art.


I'm going to leave the world a better place than I found it. I see it as the only way to go about life. I most enjoy doing work that's at the betterment of humanity. I can always be helpful to others no matter the question because I enjoy learning about new subjects and teaching about them after. Particurally as a queer latino, I've always been passionate about creating equitable and justice-based opportunities for any person regardless of their background. I believe the only barrier to a great life for all of the world is human prejudices.


I am currently working on a conversational artificial intelligence chatbot. Over a multi-year timeline, it will adapt to my personality based on the cloud-based messages I have sent over my entire life. It will be used to sort and gather digital intelligence to act like a voice assistant but much more personal (because it'll act like me!) Why do this though? It'll help spread education about anything and increase the mental quality of people who have no one else to talk to.